Don't Pay A Bail Bonds Company.

Have Your Lawyer Post Your Bond Instead.

Posting bond is extremely important for any person facing criminal charges. If you cannot post bond, you may be forced to stay in jail until your case is resolved. Texas is unique in that you do not have to use a bail bonds company if you cannot post bond on your own. Instead, your attorney can post bond. While not all lawyers provide this service, at The Law Office Of Jorge Muñoz, PLLC, we do. Our Edinburg law firm serves clients throughout Hidalgo County and beyond.

What Is A Signature Bond And What Are Its Advantages?

With a signature bond, the lawyer posts the bond on the defendant's behalf so he or she can get out of custody while the case is pending. The client is responsible for repaying the amount of the bond to the lawyer. At our firm, when you repay your bond, it will count toward your legal fees. On the other hand, if you use a bond company to pay your bond, you will have to come up with additional money to pay your lawyer. This can offer a major financial advantage. In addition, we have found that providing signature bonds establishes trust in the attorney-client relationship.

If Your Bond Is Too High, We May Be Able To Help

In many cases, judges set bond without necessarily looking at all of the factors. Attorney Jorge Muñoz frequently argues for clients in bond hearings if the amount set by the judge is too high. We will look at all the factors, such as your ties to the community, the seriousness of the allegation and other factors to show that you are a strong candidate for a reduced bond.

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